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IMG_2748My name is Scott Pedersen and I’ve been teaching Kids Karate for over twenty years now.  This is the best job in the world because I get to help young people improve their lives!  The original reason I began my own personal training was the tremendous lack of confidence I had as a kid.  My self-esteem was so low that I avoided eye contact, making me an easy target for bullies.  A family friend saw how I was suffering, so he researched different martial arts schools.  His search lead to a dojo, across town, that he felt could help me the most.  Distance was not an issue in the quest for quality instruction.  He drove me there, a 45 minute one way trip, and I tried a Kenpo Karate lesson.  I fell in love with the art on that first day and since then have never stopped.  The training empowered me to be myself around others.  In due time, I believed enough in myself that I stood up to a bully who had been particularly tormenting me.  The bully, sensing how self-assured I was, backed down and never bothered me again.  Martial arts changekids karate bully IId my life forever; it is my passion to share it’s benefits with others. The system I teach children is Kenpo Karate which focuses on self-defense, improved self-confidence and character development.

SELF DEFENSE: We teach not only important techniques to protect children from bullies but we also teach potentially life saving ‘stranger danger’ material.  When developing striking skills we make sure the child knows to use it only as a last resort in the face of physical harm.  Or, as we like to say, ‘Tongue-Fu’ before ‘Kung-fu’.

SELF-CONFIDENCE:  Our training gives children a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, making them feel good about themself.  This achieves so many good things such as: helping them to avoid being bullied, strengthening correct choices when faced with peer pressure, allowing them to raise their hand in class with assurance and so much more.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Kenpo helps children grow physically (improving balance, coordination and strength) and also mentally (building integrity, focus and discipline). Starting from their very first belt, children learn to respect not only teachers but also their family and friends.  In addition, they must also understand and demonstrate self-control.  Advancing further the child proves himself  worthy not only in the dojo but also in scholastic challenges and in domestic duties. I invite all parents to have their child try two sessions of training.  This allows the child to find out how much fun it can be and for you to see the benefits of their training.

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