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brains over brawnHi, I’m Scott Pedersen, founder of Self Defense TacTecs (tactics and techniques).  I’ve earned high level black belts in two great systems: Kenpo Karate and Force Necessary.  I teach both in combination so the student learns the effective self-defense techniques of Kenpo, backed by the big picture fighting concepts of Force Necessary.

A snap shot of each style:

Kenpo Karate is a self defense style that blends the best of Kung Fu and Karate.  Through a series of realistic scenarios, you are taught how to deal with attacks using the natural weapons of your body.  This system was brought from China to Japan and then, in 1936, over to America.  A true blending of inner and outer strengths, Kenpo offers effective self defense for men, women and children.

CQC eagle 2Force Necessary is Grand Master Hock Hochheim’s practical, reality-based system.  Force Necessary is broken into the four primary foundations of modern combat: Unarmed Fighting, Counter-Knife, Counter-Impact Weapons and Counter-Gun.

Together, you get the best of both; training that will empower you, boost your confidence and develop your coordination, strength and speed.  Get the effective tools you need to protect yourself and the ones you love.  Try a week, FREE!

Self-Defense Tips: Big Picture Essentials

Self-Defense Tips: Weapon Attacks

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